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  • NIRMAN is a Pursuit of Meaningful Life

  • Exploring One's Life Mission

  • Becoming a Social Change Maker

Have you ever felt that there is something beyond completing your education and having a safe job?

Have you ever felt the need to do something more in life than just earn money?

Do the inequalities and exploitation in the society invoke a righteous anger in you?

Do you see the difference between performing random acts of kindness and solving a social problem?

Do you get motivated to use your talents to solve the various social, scientific and technological challenges around?

Does the question of finding the Purpose of your Life move you?

NIRMAN is a platform for such restless youth to come together and seek answers to these questions.

NIRMAN is the place to discover yourself, and find your Life Mission.

NIRMAN is a pursuit of leading a meaningful life!

Youth for purposeful life

NIRMAN is a youth initiative started by Dr. Abhay and Dr. Rani Bang to identify, nurture and organize the young change makers to solve various societal challenges. It is an educational process to train the youth to take up crucial issues and problems in the society. NIRMAN provides guidance, expertise and environment to inculcate self learning and encourages youth for social action.

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NIRMAN Youth Flourishing Framework

NIRMAN has developed a first of its kind Flourishing Framework for the Indian youth, based on our learnings from active engagement with thousands of youth and substantiated by the science of youth development.

We look forward to a future where young people's growth and progress in life does not remain restricted to exam scores, package figures, vehicles owned or square feet of purchased property.

Flourishing Youth are a real marker of a Flourishing India!

What Participants say


NIRMAN Youth Purpose Questionnaire

Identifying and committing to a worthwhile 'purpose' is the most important parameter of flourishing for the 261 million youth in India and a predictor of their long term wellbeing.

Check the NIRMAN Youth Purpose Questionnaire to know where you are! (first of its kind in India)

NIRMAN Workshops

Each batch of around 200 selected youth goes through a series of 3 residential workshops (in a progressively selected manner) that are organized once in every 6 months. Each workshop is of about 8 days, conducted at Shodhgram, Gadchiroli and the series continues for one year. Participants from different regional, economic and academic backgrounds add depth and breadth to this process.

Person-Days of Training

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