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Frequently Asked Questions

The application form can be downloaded from the download section. You are expected to fill it up completely and either e-mail it or post it, at the addresses given in the form. You will be notified as and when we receive your application and further process is to be conducted.

If selected, you will be informed by mail and/or phone, well in advance, so as to allow you enough time for preparations and planning your travel. The invitation letter sent to you will contain the exact details about the workshop duration, fees and relevant instructions.

You should send your Demand draft, of the specified amount of the fees, drawn in the favour of “SEARCH,Gadchiroli”, payable at Bank of Maharashtra, Gadchiroli branch. Please mention your name and contact number at the back of the D.D. You can post this at the following address: C/o Mr. Amrut Bang, NIRMAN, SEARCH, Gadchiroli - 442605.

From Nagpur, you can take a bus to Gadchiroli (every half hour from Nagpur ST Bus Stand), which takes about 3.5 hours (192 km). From Gadchiroli Bus stand, you can take a bus/ other transport to Shodhgram, the SEARCH campus, 17 km down the Gadchiroli- Dhanora road.

The fees structure of each workshop varies according to the duration and the theme. The fees are around Rs. 2100 per workshop which includes stay and food. Selected students facing financial issues can apply for fee waiver.

At the Shodhgram campus, quality accommodation, with enough bedding, hot-water and separate arrangement for boys and girls is provided. Also, three meals and two tea plus snacks are provided every day.

Gadchiroli is one of the largest districts in Maharashtra. The area affected by Naxalism is about 300 kms away from the SEARCH campus. In the history of 30 years of the SEARCH institution there has never been any nuisance caused by Naxalites.
Also, there is no threat of malaria or other diseases and wild-life (like tigers!) in Shodhgram. For any health emergencies, Shodhgram has a well-equipped hospital with all medical facilities.

No, the application process is done once for the series of 3 workshops. Furthermore, all these workshops are inter-related in their themes. So direct entry to 2nd/3rd workshop is problematic to the organizers and the applicants as well.

NIRMAN is a continuous process of self-learning. The workshops are major part of it which also act as facilitators for communication and experience sharing. NIRMANees form groups according to interest/location and work/study on social issues together for the intermediate 6 months between two workshops.

We welcome interest in NIRMAN activities by those who are not able to attend workshops. Please get in touch with people on the 'Contact us' page if you are interested in working with NIRMAN groups in different cities.

You can read more about how you can contribute, participate and be a part of NIRMAN Samudaay at How Can I Contribute?

NIRMAN is an informal educational process modeled on the principles of Gandhiji’s ‘Nayee Talim’ which believes in learning by doing. It is not affiliated to any University, nor is a certificate provided.

NIRMAN is a continuous learning process, not limited to the workshops. It has an open approach towards looking at social problem solving, not advocating any one particular problem or method or thought process. NIRMAN lays a lot of emphasis on scientific thinking and rational approach to problems. It tries to combine both – self-actualization and social problem solving, laying equal emphasis on understanding oneself and searching one’s life mission as it lays on social problem solving.

You can definitely be a part of the NIRMAN educational process while pursuing your studies / job. The workshops generally take up 10 days in every 6 months. The workshops are generally scheduled in holidays so that students can make it. Apart from this, the participant must be ready to spare about 2 -3 hours per week for the activities between workshops.